Evening & night

evening-nightFrom early evening to early morning Kuala Lumpur has it all. From several places with cultural shows to trendy  bars, pubs  and  nightclubs that end when the sun is rising. In the Golden Triangle you find most of the real “in places”, chic cafés as well as pubs with band playing all kinds of music. You also find “theme venues” like Latin or Jazz cafés. If you want to go disco dancing there are top places all around the city. The Back Room, Emporium, Embassy and many other trendy places is just a few of them.

Or why not listen the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and the KL Symphony Orchestra that regularly plays at the concert hall Dewan Filharmonik Petronas  in the Petronas Towers. But you have to book tickets in advance because most of the concerts are sold-out long before.

In some hotels and restaurants there are cultural shows combined with dinners. The shows include Malay as well as Indian and Chinese dances but also wayang kulit (shadow play) and silat (Malay art of self-defense). You can get all information from the Malaysian Tourist Information Complex (MATIC) that also organizes traditional dance performances a few times a week.