Rotary Clubs

To visit a Rotary Club in Kuala Lumpur give you always that little extra. Here you find the only Rotary Club in the world with Royal status which club also is the oldest Rotary Club in South East Asia. The club became the Provisional Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur (RCKLl) on 20 July 1928. Seventy years later, on 21 October 1997, The Rotary International approved a name change of RCKL to The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja when the Sultan of Selangor conferred royal status of the club in recognition of the service RCKL has given to the community.
The other two clubs in Kuala Lumpur have also a royal flair as they have their meetings in a building with a royal name; The Royal Selangor Club.

Kuala Lumpur DiRaja 
Wednesday – 1pm
Hotel Shangri-la

Kuala Lumpur North  (Rotary Club of Gombak)
Wednesday – 6.30pm
Royal Selangor Club

Kuala Lumpur West
Friday – 6.30pm
Royal Selangor Club